Saturday, July 9, 2011

MTC Companion - Elder Hoggard

We received an email from a volunteer at the MTC this morning:

"I thought you might enjoy a picture of your son and his companion, Elder Michael Hoggard. I volunteer at the MTC and I know Elder Hoggard. He went to school with my son. He is from Highland, UT. I like to take pictures of the missionaries that I know and send them to their parents.

"They are getting along great. Elder Hoggard is a really fun, positive person. He is really into drama and was in all of the plays in high school. He's a sweet kid and should be a great companion for your son.

"By the way, they told me their p-day is on Wed., so you should expect an email by then. They also said that they slept well their first night after they finally fell asleep and are very happy to be at the MTC."

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