Monday, November 14, 2011

Another trip to the temple

No moi,

Had a great week this week. Our district had 26 member teaches!!! President set a mission goal to get 100 member teaches this week, so I think we did our share. Still a ton more we can do though, we can always do better.


Had our first "normal" P-Day, but we spent a lot of time just at home, writing letters and such. We've got some fun plans left for the last few weeks before my companion goes home. Dad, I promise I'll send pictures. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with our investigator and her family tonight. That's such a powerful movie. If you haven't watched it a while, now is the time to repent and watch it. It's such a great testimony of the Savior.


We went to a teach with one of our new investigators that went really, really well. We had a little miracle getting a member there, which was great. Talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. She's been taught by the missionaries like 15 years ago, so she knows a lot about the church, and she believes in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, she just needs the faith to be baptized, even though her family probably won't approve.


Had a great DA with an older couple in our ward. Very sweet. When we were leaving, the sister went and grabbed what she called our "pikkujoulua" (little Christmas). They had bought us advent calendars and Christmas chocolate. Score! These members are so great. Love this ward.


We went down to Helsinki again for another Kieli Koulu
[language school], which meant I got to go to the temple!! I love that temple so much, it's so beautiful. I'm so lucky to have gone twice now. Some missionaries have gone once after having been out for a year or so, and some have never been! I feel so blessed. I also got three letters while we were at the office, which, you know, was pretty fun. :)


We taught one of our new investigators today. We finally have a man to teach! All the priesthood is wondering when we're going to find someone for them to fellowship. In the middle of the discussion, I had a wonderful experience. We found out he was really interested in what happens after this life. So, I asked him, "Brother Smith, what would you be willing to do to receive a knowledge of what happens to you after this life?" He thought for a second, then looked back at me and asked, "Well, what should I do?" Best answer ever! We got him thinking and he trusts that we can help him find his answers, so our next teach should be great. He lives really far away, so teaching him regularly will be tough, but if he's ready, it will be worth the sacrifice.


We got to attend the baptism of one of the Sisters' investigators. Wow. What a wonderful experience. Our investigator came which was awesome! I think that really helped her feel ready for all the practical things that will happen on Friday. Oh yeah, did I mention we did actually set a new date. Yeah it's Friday. Super excited for her. One of our other new investigators came too, and I think he really enjoyed it because he came to church the next day! There is something extra spiritual about watching a baptism. When that man came up out of the water and smiled to his family (all of whom are already members) the joy in his face illuminated the whole room. I literally felt the Spirit go all the way down to my feet! I can't wait for Friday!


We didn't have any appointments set up today, which was a bummer, but it did leave us some time to go out to try to visit a referral who lives out on one of the islands. We tracted for almost three hours, in two different areas, with no luck. But, the time honored tradition of finding someone on the last door of the night has been renewed here in Turku. When the referral wasn't home, we decided to go to an area I had had a prompting about earlier. It was a small neighborhood, with not very many houses and a lot of construction going on. To be honest, when we arrived there, I doubted the prompting a little bit. I wondered if the prompting hadn't been about the other, bigger, better lit area down the street. But I felt something nudge me in only the way the Spirit can to keep going, so we started tracting. Finally, at the last door we had time to knock before heading to the bus, we found her. This wonderful mom and her young daughter who are so ready to receive the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for them. I'm convinced Heavenly Father holds the best ones for the last door so we can end our day on a good note.

Love you family, thank you for your emails and your prayers.

Elder Hansen

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