Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Christmas in Finland

We had a wonderful call on Christmas morning with McKay. After Church they were invited to a member's home, and then went back to their apartment for the rest of the day. The three days from Dec 24-26 are "Red Days" meaning that they cannot do any contacting - so if they don't have any appointments with members or investigators, they are supposed to be home. He received two packages at their Zone Conference last week, so they had things to open on Christmas morning.
A happy mom talking to her missionary son on Christmas morning

Since Monday was a legal holiday, the libraries were closed so they couldn't email until Tuesday. Here's the message we received:

Hey again everyone,

So great to hear your voices on Christmas. Sure do love you all.

So....I'm gonna be honest, I don't have much to talk about today...I just talked to you, and this week wasn't really all that interesting.

It's great to be back out doing work. Red Days are awful. It was so hard to just watch people walk by and not talk to them. We really want to pack our next couple of Red Days with appointments so we're not stuck inside.

Happy New Year, can't wait for Mother's Day. President has approved Skype, so that'll be fun to look forward to, sorry I didn't get it set up for Christmas.


Elder Hansen

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