Monday, January 16, 2012

Moikka taas!

Moikka taas! [Hello again]

Glad to hear you all got some snow this week. It's really not worth all the hype, believe me. We've been in snow for a long time now, and temperatures down around -8 C (I don't know what that is in F, but it's really cold.)

Want to send pictures today so I'm going to keep the email a little shorter.

We went tracting in a place Elder H had had a really good feeling about. It went great! We got let in on the second door! This guy was awesome. We walk in and Star Wars is on! Episode 4, on VHS. Made my day. He seemed sorta just stuck in 1960's American media actually. Old school TV, computer, record player, and giant boombox. He had a radio on that he turned down (he refused to turn it off for some reason) and the whole teach all I could hear was Hotel California and a bunch of other classics playing in the background. Really distracting, but super great at the same time.


Missionary work

Went all the way out to Salo to teach R. It was a great teach and we had some fun while waiting for the bus back to Turku. Played a few innings of snow baseball with an umbrella as a bat, and I fixed my golf swing (see pictures). Also got to go see E that night. She fixed my suit, and when she gave it back to me she told me she had thought about stitching "Mormon" in big letters across the back. She's so great.


Great district meeting and lunch afterwards. I love the missionaries in this district.

More missionary work

We had a couple appointments set up during the day, and one super late at night, but had no idea what to do in the afternoon, when all of a sudden we get a text from a member of the bishopric saying that his home teaching companion was sick and he needed us to come along. It was great! so fun to go visit some really solid members and help this ward get its home teaching done. That's the big push from the stake right now. Really love the First Presidency message this month.


More missionary work. Elder H and I have both been sick this week, so it was pretty hard, but we pushed through and I'm pretty sure I'm all better now.

Love you all,

Elder Hansen

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