Monday, March 19, 2012

Bounce back week

We bounced back this week and things have been a lot better. All of our crises are still brewing, but so many great things are happening, or about to happen. I can't actually say what they are, because I can't even really see them yet, but they are there. I can feel it.

The Bulgarians have kind of dropped off. So, we'll see about that.

The cool story from this week, though, is that we had our semi-annual district meeting with the mission president. They're always super intense and really long (11-6 plus interview time) but it's all the new, important training and information about the mission that we really need in order to move the work forward, so we love it. We talked a lot about really earning the trust of the members so we can have their help in this work. There are a lot of eternal principles there. If someone really works hard and demonstrates commitment to something, others will believe that he or she is capable of performing that task (in our case, miracles). President really opened my eyes to little things we can do better. It's funny. They were all obvious things that no one seemed to have thought of. Definitely a humbling experience and very important to remember that sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes to see things from a different perspective.

Yesterday was a pretty slow day. Elder L developed some kind of stomach sickness over the weekend, so the missionary medical doctor in Germany put him on a straight banana, rice and potato diet (literally nothing else) for 24 hours and ordered him to stay in bed. I felt really bad for him. But he's up and running again now, and I used the time to study Swedish for about four hours, which was awesome.

Sorry for another fluff email. The blog is probably hurting for some good stories by now...I promise to start remembering the funnier stuff that happens during the week.

Jag älskar er så mycket.

Äldste Hansen

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