Monday, April 2, 2012


Coming to you all from beautiful Vaasa, Finland. Yeah, we had a surprise emergency transfer because a missionary got sent home, so now I'm district leader in Vaasa. A little freaked out, but I think I can handle it.

No....just kidding. There's my April Fool's day joke though.

Hello again everyone,

Heavenly Father: haha you missionaries in Finland thought Winter was over...April Fool's!!! (Pushes Snow button)

Heavenly Father has a wonderful sense of humor. He got into April Fool's almost as much as Elder Linden did by dumping Finland with a pile of snow again this weekend. Not fun. I have no idea how it hit in Pietarsaari though, so I'm a little worried to get back. The one true part of my joke was that we're in Vaasa right now. We left P-Town on Wednesday so Elder Linden could go down to Helsinki for a meeting and then we stayed through the weekend for conference because there's no way to watch it in Pietarsaari except on a personal computer...which we can't have. SO, basically we've been in Vaasa the majority of this week with more travel planned for the next two weeks and little Pietarsaari is feeling a bit neglected right now. Gonna have to work really hard in the days we're actually there.

Not really much time to talk about the week. I have to write my report to President and we have to share time with Vaasa right now so here's some of the major highlights:
  • Got stranded in a tiny town called Oravainen on Wednesday while trying to get through a crisis. (note: when someone else gives you information about bus schedules, always, always double check their work before you get on the bus)
  • Taught a whole room full of Chinese girls who spent most of the time arguing with us. In this corner, weighing in at three american missionaries: Faith!!! And in this corner, weighing in at seven Chinese girls, The Communist Party!!!! My splits companion is a hard core republican conservative too (like seriously, he might be more into it than Mom) so it was pretty funny to watch his reaction when they talked about communism.
  • General Conference. So much about less-actives. Definitely going to direct our missionary work in the weeks and months ahead. Elder Holland was my favorite again, Elder Bednar was a close second. Elder Scott picked a very interesting topic: Dreams? anyway, loved it all, but we didn't get to see the Sunday Afternoon session, so we'll have to wait to read it in the Liahona.
  • This morning I got to spend all of Personal and Companionship study fixing Vaasa's shower that broke right when I tried to start it. Felt pretty proud of my handyman skills though, after I finally figured out what the problem was.
Sorry for the short email. thanks for all your love and support.


Elder Hansen

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