Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy P-Day

Just a short email from McKay this morning, since it sounds like they didn't have much time, and we just spoke to him yesterday. For a quick video segment from the call, scroll down to yesterday's post.

Here's today's email:

No hei,

We're in a bit of a hurry today because we have a TON off stuff to get done today. There's so much we need to get back in order in our apartment. Being gone for the better part of a week takes a lot out of us -- I guess you could say today is a spring cleaning day. 

The members here were almost as excited as we were for us to call home, as you noticed from the fact that they kept coming in to listen. I take it as a sign that they really like us and are invested in us. We appreciate so much all the members here do for us. They all asked us afterwards what was going on in our families and what kinds of crazy stories we told about the Finns.

One really funny story from last week that I forgot to mention in the skype call. We knocked a door and a younger looking girl answered, around 17-18 years old. Very typical teenager. Elder D gave her our message in the same wonderful way he always does: very excited and enthusiastic. I thought it went great! But, unfortunately, she wasn't interested. She did say we could come back, though, and that her boyfriend might be interested. As we walked away from the door, we could hear her talking fairly loudly on the phone to a friend about the two weird Mormons who had just knocked her door, and rather sarcastically mocked our "big eyes and big smile." Elder D and I just laughed. That's right, we do smile big. Because we're happy. We have no reason to be ashamed just because our message sounds cheesy or doesn't seem real or isn't popular. It's true. I am not ashamed at all to say that I know it is true. Why should I worry what others think? Lasting joy and happiness are not fairy tale ideas. It is not naivete to believe that God exists and that he loves us. The beauty of the message of the Restoration is that it invites all people to come unto Christ and receive incomprehensible, yet still perfectly tangible, literal, blessings from a loving Father in Heaven. As science continues to prove, almost daily, sometimes what's impossible becomes possible just by shifting our perspective and being willing to try it a different way.

OK, off the soapbox now. Love you all so much. It was so awesome to talk to you yesterday. Have a great week.


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