Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Flies

Easily one of the fastest weeks of my mission. With all the travel we'll need to do this change, it's probably going to go by even more quickly. Somebody help me!!!

Zone conference came and went like a blur. President Richards and his wife were wonderful. They have a powerful testimony and a profound understanding of the scriptures. Also, given the counsel we received there, combined with the large amount of paper President has sent out (pretty sure it rivals the five books of Moses now), they are 100% committed to making this mission, and Europe in general, the best it can be. Despite what people think, there are people prepared here. People all over Finland have been walking up to missionaries on the street and saying, "Hey, can I talk to you guys about joining your church?" Or, "So I've been reading a lot and I think you guys are probably right. Will you come tell me more?" I'm not kidding. It's happening. In FINLAND.

That being said, life hasn't been all fun and games here. Elder K and I tried to be diligent and work hard, but we just couldn't quite make each day what we wanted to. We had nearly every one of our appointments fall through. Kevin and another of our investigators have simply fallen into limbo and we haven't been able to have any contact with them at all for over a week. Still, we know this is the Lord's work, and that must simply mean he's giving us the time to find others who are more prepared and more ready to receive what we have. It would just be nice if they could walk around with bright neon signs over their heads saying, "I'm ready please coming talk to me about (Insert gospel topic)." But until they figure out how to do that, we'll stick to trying to rely on the Spirit.

My time is short, and to be honest and blunt, I don't have that many inspiring stories to share from this week. Sometimes they're like that. But, I'll close with some thoughts that have really touched me this week. In our district meeting prior to zone conference, I quoted from 1 Corinthians 13: "Charity never faileth." I talked about how that word "fail" actually has two meanings. The first is the one we always think of. To not succeed. To come short of a goal. To miss. When we have charity, we are promised that our lives will be considered a success because the true measure of success in life is the joy and progress we bring to the lives of others. It is not tied to a number. However, consider another connotation of the word fail, particularly used in the scriptural language. Very specifically, I think of the use of the word by the prophet Elijah to the widow when he promises that her oil will not fail. "Charity never faileth" may also mean something to the effect of, "charity always exceeds," "charity always goes the extra mile," "charity never runs out, loses hope, lacks courage, or slackens its pace." In light of those ideas, I think it very fitting that it is the Relief Society's motto. I mean, come on, we all know the men in this church are always trying to be as good as the sisters. When we have charity, and are filled with it, these other attributes will become part of us. There will be no stress, there will be no tiredness neither wearyingness in doing what is right. There will be no longing for a better world because we will become a piece of heaven, creating heaven on earth wherever we are.

At least it had a great effect on me this week.

I love you all so much. Have a great week.

Elder Hansen

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