Monday, July 8, 2013

Two Years!!


Well, two years as a missionary has come and gone. It was fairly surreal. Elder Bishop and Elder Hoggard were on exchanges together to celebrate the occasion, and they called me in the morning to wish me a happy two year day. They're great. It unfortunately prompted a long, leisurely stroll down memory lane that distracted me for most of the morning. But it was interesting to think about everything that's happened. I'm glad that all the memories, even as far back as the MTC, have stayed pretty fresh in my mind. Now I'm just hoping to have some good stories to share when I make it back.

Saturday didn't end up being a terribly eventful day. I bought some Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream to celebrate. (Ben&Jerry's has somehow become a mission tradition for things like this). The Londons (my favorite mission office couple) came through on their trip around the country to deliver some furniture and supplies to all the apartments and dropped off a new mattress for Elder Heki because the springs in his had begun to poke up through the top. It was nice to chat with them a little bit, I've missed them. 

This morning, I got another note from the missionaries in Helsinki that will brighten the memories of my two year mark as a missionary. When Elder Clegg and I left Helsinki, we had set a baptismal date for "P" - the Finnish man we found who was progressing so well. The missionaries in Haaga took over teaching him when we left. Well, I am happy to report that on 6 July 2013, exactly two years after I entered the MTC, this man that I grew to love was baptized. Such a great feeling. The Helsinki missionaries sent me a picture.

Sorry this one is a bit shorter, but we have to get ready to go to Oulu tonight. Love you all!

See you in a few weeks!


Elder Hansen

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