Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Month

Terve Perhe!!! 


Have gotten both your packages, thank you so much. I'm good for now, just please keep sending letters, they're like missionary gold. 

The temple reopened this week, we were all so excited. Went and had a great session. When we came out it started to rain and we had tons of fun getting soaked. Little things like that are so much fun in the MTC. 

I learned something this week. Scriptures are so much harder to use in Finnish! It's weird, but it's true. We can't use context, because we can't read anything. The scriptures aren't in the same place on the page either, because the Finnish words are all longer than English ones. That being said, I've started to actually comprehend what I read when I'm reading the Book of Mormon. It's awesome. I have a mini-celebration with every verse I actually read all the way through and understand every word. 

We had some great experiences this week. We taught in the TRC again on Thursday and actually worked with the same volunteer from the week before. He's awesome. Anyway, he told us that our Finnish had improved by "leaps and bounds" in a week. Great to hear, made me feel good about myself. 

Two funny stories from Finnish this week: 

We have started shouting "joulupukki" ("Christmas goat" - Finnish version of Santa Claus, don't ask) when we come in the door, as just a fun tradition in our district. However, instead of shouting that one morning, Elder Nicoll said "sukupuoli!".....which means "sexual." Yikes. It's okay though, we all do stuff like that. 

I messed up this week too. Trying to commit an investigator to come to church, and he asked when it was. I meant to say tomorrow (huomenna), but instead I said eilen (yesterday), felt really dumb. Ahem. 

We have an awesome group of new missionaries. They're headed to OMAHA! Cool, huh? Kinda have a special place in my heart for that place, and I hope it's nice to these elders. Found out that one of them, Elder Boody, is a convert of about a year. He is incredible. He has such a powerful testimony and really really deep knowledge of the doctrine of Christ. He studied for over a year before getting baptized, and it shows. I'm so glad I have these two years to devote to the Lord and strengthen my testimony by preaching His gospel. I wish I could be a missionary the rest of my life and always be learning this much about the gospel. Maybe I'll just go join a monastery or something. 

I've learned so much about the Atonement of Jesus Christ this week, and I know I will always be indebted to my Savior for his mercy and love. 

Rakastan teita, 

Elder Hansen

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